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  1. I used Evernote for Mac for many years and converted colleagues to the application. I have just moved my notes (almost 1000) to OneNote and am immensely relieved. I was a paying Evernote Premium customer for years, but was frustrated with the organizations lack of responsiveness to request for basic improvements. Not to long ago, I installed OneNote, to see the differences and give it a try. While evaluating the two applications, I was so annoyed with the non-stop Evernote Web Clipper pop-up and a users inability to turn it off, that I just imported all my notes to OneNote and deleted Evernote. Seriously, what a shame. Originally, Evernote was a terrific, high-functioning application, but let OneNote become the responsive, market leader. My guess is Evernote will go the way of Sharkware (an early contact manager that failed to evolve and be responsive and no longer exists).
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