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  1. I'm having the same problem and itFF identifies Web Clipper as the culprit.
  2. I, like may folks, really need a decent desktop note system that goes across devices. However, I don't want the notes cluttering up my desktop. I want to be able to minimize them or drop them in their own folder if I so choose. Instead, they are there or not and you can close the app or delete the note. This is just no good.
  3. I still do not understand the errors, but I selected the "advanced install" and that let me specify a directory for installation. I changed it to a different directory (Evernote2), and it installed without a problem. It would be nice to know why it could not do a standard upgrade to the existing directory Thanks
  4. I was trying to upgrade my evernote install in a Windows 10 PC,and got the message error writing evernoteIE.1.dll and says verify I have access (which I do). It cancels the install. Also this error message on a separate screen: (.\Bootstrapper.cpp.916) 0x642:Fatalerror during instaallation. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Thanks so much. Learned something new!
  6. Hi Liam. I am not quite sure what you are asking. As far as I know, the stylus does serve a mouse function, but also a "finger" function. So "ink note" I presume means that it is serving in a "writing" function which can then be converted to typewritten text if one wants. One Note does that. You write in the note field, circle to select the note, and then select convert. However, I don't think that is what you are pointing out.
  7. Thanks for redirecting me. I did speak with Dell tech support before coming to this forum and they had told me that they couldn't tell me what would (or would not) work with various applications. I saw this as an Evernote function / feature question and not as tech support. Sorry. Spoke with tech support and the answer is that Evernote ONLY supports handwritten notes from iOS, and Android MOBILE operating sustems. Windows is OUT. Just in case anyone else wonders about some aspect of this issue.
  8. I've searched and found no answer so I am hoping this question / problem fits here. I have a Dell 7000 2-in-1 and a Dell active stylus (and a passive one as well), and I am running under Win 8. For the life of me I cannot write with the stylus in a note. I know that the stylus works and I can write - either through the keyboard function, Paint, or OneNote. So, is this 1 a computer issue (you can't do it with the computer I have); 2 a stylus issue (you can write with a stylus in Evernote, but you need to use 'x' styli); 3 or an Evernote issue (it doesn't have the capacity (yet) to do that with a PC. If you can only write IN a note with specific stylu (say Jot 3), will that stylus work with the computer I have? Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions
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