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  1. I just tried to leave feedback about file upload from iOS, and it was so tough that I'm instead suggesting an easier way to leave feedback. Seriously, you have to make an account on forums to leave feedback? On evernote Web, in the user's dropdown menu there are options for account settings, help&support, contact support (which doesn't actually let you contact suport on basic accounts, that's some pretty awful UX), and log out. There should also be one for 'suggestions'. It should link to a place where you can leave tagged general suggestions. The UX and PM people at Evernote should have direct access to what lands there. For example, I could say: ----------- In iOS, when uploading files for instance from the Voice Memos app, it appears to have worked, but when I go to Evernote Web in a browser it appears not to have worked, as no note is present. This seems horribly buggy. If you wait long enough, you find it just didn't have any upload progress indicator to let you know how long it would be. If, while you were waiting, you tried again, for example on a 15MB file, you will eventually find that it worked, but you wasted a weeks worth of Evernote Basic data upload allocation due to the double upload. That's really awful UX. Whenever a freemium service at the free tier does not provide the full free tier services, it makes me want to do the opposite of upgrading. It makes me want to migrate out to something else. If instead of the dialog closing when the upload begins, it should give a progress bar and a 'close and continue upload in background' button or something. Tags: Upload, upload status, UX, usability, Visibility of system status, Error prevention, Help users recover from errors ------------ Then your UX people can read my suggestion, and attempt to figure out exactly what I was trying to accomplish and why it didn't work out for me. They can get as deep in my head as they like about what different parts of my process made me feel. If you have an email address field that says "please leave your email address so our UX people can learn more about what you were trying to accomplish (optional)", they can even ask me. Then they can come up with some ways to serve my needs, pick one, and implement it. Trust me. I work in a big software company that has these issues too, and as a UX person it would make my life much easier and my company's product much better to have this suggestion box or something like it. Make that pathway.
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