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  1. I've tried numerous clean installs.
  2. Installed 7.7.5 today; iPhone 6+ with latest iOS. Using the camera to "scan" anything (documents, biz cards, post-its) causes the app to crash as soon as the image is captured. Same story as the last several versions, many of which claimed to fix these issues Is this issue being addressed properly? I'm starting to become rather frustrated, especially since I rely heavily on Evernote (Premium user). Scannable sort of works (it is not 100% reliable either), but I loathe the idea of opening a separate app to capture a document and then have to waste a bunch of time sorting multiple notes out later. EN added Scannable's functionality to the app, and it needs to "just work." I've seen lots of threads, but most describe more specific glitches - in my case the camera features don't work at all. Anyone else seeing a total lack of camera "scanning" functionality? Perhaps if we gather enough useful data, we could get something fixed.
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