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  1. Hi, I was able to create the Post-it® from my iphone. but when i tride same post it note creation android it was not able to create the Post-it® note as iphone do. I have seen POST-IT in android in + -> camera -> POST-IT® and it was very simple note and not able to look where are my post it note in app . is it future implementation or need to update (current version is
  2. thanks Phils you explained nicely... i was bit confused as accepting the None for tagGuid but not setting it to None was bit confused..... n ok as i was developing third-party app so........ any way thanks i will post my question for coding over "Evernote for Developers" forum. and thanks again. :)
  3. no ans yet hmm. note_obj.tagGuids = [] This will remove the all tag for the note . And for setting them just pass list name note_obj.tagNames = taglist # here list can be ['newtag', 'todo', 'soultion']
  4. Hi , I was trying code in python for updating note. note_obj = note_store.getNote(token, reqpara_note["ntdtanoteguid"], True, False, False, False)I came across i was not able to remove all tag from note. if taglist is not None: note_obj.tagNames = taglist # here it will have list ['newtag','todo']else: note_obj.tagNames = None I tried to remove this tag in my code way , just updated the tagGuids to None note_obj.tagGuids = Nonereturnnote = note_store.updateNote(token, note_obj)I was able to updated the tags (add or remove) for a Note yeha! tag is not deleted from account. I don't need to delete. It should just remove from the note i want to update . probelm: When I try to remove the last tag (i.e there is only one tag to the Note) It not get removed returnnote do have that last tag with him . I don't know why? u can also try to add many tags to note and then remove all tag at once the returnnote will return list of tag again. Any body have solution? or Why ?
  5. I have need to figure out this way. based on tagGuids=['73f31467-2ab1-4014-a5fb-650e97348d1a', '0abaa885-d62a-43ba-8672-71efaa8ccede'] I need to write another piece for tagguid in notobj.tagGuids: tagobject = note_store.getTag(authtoken, tagguid) notobj.tagNames.append(tagobject) no reply here.
  6. As i woring on python evernote api. devloping thirparty application I tried to retrive the note with content. working on sandbox. note_store = client.get_note_store()searchfilter = NoteStoreTypes.NoteFilter()searchfilter.order = Types.NoteSortOrder.UPDATEDsearchfilter.ascending = Falseresult_spec = NotesMetadataResultSpec(includeTitle=True,includeTagGuids=True)notes = note_store.findNotesMetadata(token, searchfilter, 0, 1000, result_spec)notedata = note_store.getNote(token, notes.notes[5].guid, True, False, True, True)And result data given by the above code . Note(contentHash='\xfc\r\x8bc\n<b\xe3\x98\x04\xd5qu\xe9B\xfa', updated=1430290632000, created=1430290619000, deleted=None, contentLength=162, title='Test note new ley created', notebookGuid='66495718-72a1-411f-96e6-307e9abcb78c', content='<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>\n<!DOCTYPE en-note SYSTEM"http://xml.evernote.com/pub/enml2.dtd">\n<en-note><div>hey there<br clear="none"/></div></en-note>', tagNames=None, updateSequenceNum=153, tagGuids=['73f31467-2ab1-4014-a5fb-650e97348d1a', '0abaa885-d62a-43ba-8672-71efaa8ccede'], active=True, attributes=NoteAttributes(lastEditorId=None, placeName=None, sourceURL=None, classifications=None, creatorId=None, author='Ghanshyam Rajpurohit', reminderTime=None, altitude=None, reminderOrder=None, shareDate=None, reminderDoneTime=None, longitude=None, lastEditedBy=None, source=None, applicationData=None, sourceApplication=None, latitude=None, contentClass=None, subjectDate=None), guid='6446f0bd-70c4-4ec2-91cc-a2109fe084ed', resources=None)As here it was tagGuids=['73f31467-2ab1-4014-a5fb-650e97348d1a', '0abaa885-d62a-43ba-8672-71efaa8ccede']but no Tag Names tagNames=None m I doing something wrong . or i need to retrive the tagnames parsing these tagGuids. Thanks, Ghanshyam
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