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  1. Thanks. I wanted to move a bunch of notes into some local notebooks, as my workplace does not allow to have documents in the cloud, but if I loose all the links pointing to these notes, it is quite a setback…
  2. I created a local notebook on my mac (10.12.6) using EN (6.12.2) and moved a note, called XXX, in it. My problem is that all my other notes containing a link to XXX, the link to XXX is broken, and when I try the link it indicates that the linked note has been moved to the Trash… Is that a normal feature? Can we not use link in local notebooks?
  3. I have a weird issue that showed up recently on my iphone6 device running ios8. I use skitch to annotate a lot of pictures and save them on my phone. While I can see these pictures on my camera roll, mot of them are not showing up in the Evernote app when I want to copy them into some notes, and they do not show up in the Dropbox app either. Does anybody have the same issue? When I tried to take first some picture with my camera, they are visible in evernote. It is only after I annotate them with skitch that I can not see some of them in evernote or dropbox
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