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  1. Great, issue was solved during yesterday. Guy from Evernote Support wrote me that "I can now go back to using Evernote without any distractions". But without any info about specific limits. Well... I just assume that I will not try to upload all exports with tens of GB at once. I'll split it into several smaller uploads which will be uploaded during several months and hopefully it will be without issues. Anyway - Really thank you for your help
  2. Thank you Ticket number is 1050640 , I've also responded on extra-usage warning mail and it has created another ticket 1050812 . As I said - I absolutely understand why there are limits, I just want to know them If someone from Evernote support could tell me for example just "David, please do not upload more than 200 MB/day", it would be great. After one month of premium expires, I want to know if I should buy one-year premium account on this account, or go back to several different previous account that I've used. But I would really, really appreciate first option. All in one place.
  3. Hello guys. I've used several Evernote accounts in past (mostly due to limitations in number of notebooks) and shared notes between them. Second thing was upload limit - even 4GB wasn't enough for me - I used Evernote for backup of photos, PDFs, communication and many more. I was paying Premium for two accounts and I had no problem with it. I was glad that I can support my favourite service. Now, they introduced new Premium, with "unlimited uploads". I've figured how to use tags much more effectively, and I wanted to start from scratch. My plan was to take all my stuff from other accounts into this one and finally have everything in order. Export was without issues. But I've really soon hit some kind of upload limit "Evernote Resource Creation Error 1.", they've sent me mail about using excessive amount of data, and I cannot upload any more things since yesterday. I've contacted support about this issue, but I have no answer yet (but it's just about two days now). So, what I want to know: What are real limits of this "unlimited upload"? Seriously. I don't want to mess with Evernote systems. I will delete my data from other accounts when they will be on my new account so they didn't take space on servers twice. I fully understand that they have some kind of protection against people abusing their services. All I want to know is: What amount of data can I upload per day/week/month/whatever. If it has to take several months, I will do it several months. I just want to know real limits. Thank You, Dave
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