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  1. I startet studying giant computers from 1972. Later as Computer Engineer and later educating IT-Engineers on every level, I got all the way to the top, until it get's boring. Then I studied People - Psychology - later educating Psychologists and doctors and all the way to the top. It all together did give me lots of knowledge from both sides. And even more questions. Also gives me massive with information - gathering for 42 years now. So much is still relevant in psychology, and so much is outdated knowledge in hardware and Software today. But not everything. I often need information for klients and patients in their former job - to connect to the past and heal some wounds. To make it clear - for me, Evernote is the most competent peace of software in the area of information gathering collecting, organizing and filtering. No doubt! I have used and testet every PC and later Mac based Software, from DevonThink, Things, Pockets, also former Evernote, together with Bento, Vitamine-R and you name it. It was awkward and non were perfect. After I downloaded the 'Bubble Browser' and 'Memory Lane' for Evernote, this combination is getting a real gamechanger. It can be a totally mess or a huge challenge, collecting enormous amounts of data and links during a lifetime - and when we need finally some particular data to finish a project - book or whatever, the websites has changed, the information is now on a different page or it is deleted and lots of links are not valid anymore. It is far too much work to keep everything updated, or save articles so they don't disappear. Searching for some data in thousands of books is even more frustrating and time consuming. Evernote did take this fact serious and did give us a great tool with the notebooks and especially also the idea for professionals and businesses: the seperate business and privat Notebooks! Leaving the company means you take your data and leave the companies data where it belongs. This is smart thinking and we getting things straight all the way. Evernote is a fantastic peace of Art! The downside of Evernote is for me, they also going together with others, the dark road of monthly payment. This is the opposite idea of what did give Apple Computers it's current size. The opposite idea of Apples growing concept gives a company a shrinking concept. It is again the same kind of modern slavery, like Microsoft did for so many years, with their license for Windows and MS software. Just one computer, one license, one year.... Made one guy rich, but then the company turns more and more down because of this slavery. A totally free Mac OS and family license did make Apple to one oft the largest companies in the world today. Setting people free is the key! Kodak - a even better example - The giant Company all around photo on paper and the film-roles concept with 24 and 36 pictures, plast-cameras for turists etc. did collaps last May. With a one week waiting time for developing our pictures, paying often for every single of them - even when they were black. And with all the chemicals in a darkroom giving lungcancer - all this was not a satisfying environment this company was ruling. It was just a kind of modern slavery, or dependency on one concept. Some companies developed digital photography and Printers, so the people today can shoot as many pictures they like, and crop and adjust and do with Photoshop whatever they like to do and print it right away in all kind of sizes. Companies like Canon, HP and others did give us the freedom of choice and did free us from a 24 or 36 pictures limitations - did free us from a lot of waiting time. Setting people free was clearly the important key! Evernote is trying at the moment to setting people in chains again with monthly payment and a cloud service - situated somewhere in the US. Many of us do not trust the US governmental surveillance system at all. Not in China, not in Russia and not in US. We see it on every Airport. All govermental controll of all our data we are asked to sent to dozens of different cloud services is hurtful. There is not one person in the government, knowing more, or have a better education or more braincells. So how can this people allow them selv controlling others. And when governmental Paranoia is growing, our paranoia is growing too. Everybody's personal freedom is decreasing every year, as long as we allow it. The cloud concept Evernote provides, supplies the company with short term money, for some time, but people find out in which direction the whole softwaremarked (also for Apple computers) is going and as well as Apple will lose, also Evernote will lose, like Kodak with its photo concept. This just another bubble for a periode of time - doomed to burst. Why? We pay every month /every year for several Web-hotels, for dozens of domains and already 29 different companies like Adobe, MSOffice, Webdesign software, bookkeeping and tax programs - and all the new cloud based services showing up this years. Many of them we bought for extra money as lifetime licenses and getting now reminders of new cloud-based services, for the same program - but now with monthly payment. Its spreading like a plague, like cholera or like cancer in the Softwaremarked. The result is, the salary of one person is not enough to cover the monthly costs of cloud based services - in fact for exactly the same service - but inside a growing amount of companies with $ signs in their eyes. Most of them I cut the ties and find other solutions - telling our network and all our students around the world. So for me and our Academy, our company, our Practice and our huge network of students and supporters, we decided in 2012 to create our own cloud and cut more and more ties to all kind of cloud services. The best solution for us was and is Synology NAS - together with the genius Sonos system we can send all kind of music in all rooms - seeing all kind og filmclip movies and information from our NAS to every screen in every single classrooms we like or the same on all screens. Or showing pictures and filmclip to patients or clients in our Practice. Controlling all lightning, television, heating, security and much more with one of my iOS devices, I can reach right now. The same we can without any cable and just an ipad or iPhone in every room. This is the kind of freedom I need! Not just a false freedom, provided from just one company, to have their product on my iMac, iPad and iPhone, by my data on their servers. It is no freedom at all in 2015. It is just a single step from prison inside a singe device, to several of my devices. But it is just one tiny step to give us real service and free us from chains. Many people can already and clearly smell the greed and dishonesty around this cloud concepts. Evernote - together with Synology private cloud - is a huge leap to give us freedom! If everyone of us can choose between a Evernote cloud-service and our own cloud service - we can start trusting again the honest intentions of Evernote. Intentions to give real service - not just using us as cheap dairy cows - for the sake of our money.... When Synology can obtain this freedom for us with NoteStation on its own, Evernote will lose in the long run. It is just the first version of NoteStation. We hopefully see and experience Evernote will expand in a good direction and working together with Synology to new and even better solutions, to make the world a better place. Humans like to have good feelings, having freedom and at the same time getting clever solutions for their problems. Nothing else matters! Nothing!
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