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  1. Yesterday my system told me my C drive capacity is low...after installing V10 !!!

    My system drive has 120GB and it had about 25-30GB free space yesterday.

    Evernote used to be able to save its database on the other drive to avoid problem like this. However, I found NO WAY to change database location setting in the preference in V10. I notice that in V10 it's no longer call database anymore. 

    I wish we can again have a setting to relocate the cache (or database) to a users' preferred location.

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  2. Today my system told me my C drive capacity is low...after installing V10 in 2 days????!!!

    My system drive has 120GB and it had about 25-30GB free space yesterday.

    I used to save my EN database on the other drive. Now the database took up all my already-too-small system drive space.

    I found NO WAY to change database location setting in the preference...

    I thought modifying timestamp would be the only issue and it will come anytime soon in the later release.

    Now I am sad...and mad at evernote because it wastes my two good days (weekend).

  3. 1 hour ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

    Just WRT this, I believe they're saying that improvements to the editor (headings, highlight colors), search, and dark mode are the gains, along with constant syncing (which may be an improvement or not).

    Don't see much of those improvements help this issue.

    Well...Imagine you are provided folks, spoon and chopsticks on your dining table for dinner in a restaurant you like. One day your waiter tell you the restaurant no longer provides the folks anymore because the chopsticks can fulfill all you need on the dining table. Instead, the restaurant provides a new pair of shinier, glowing chopsticks....Will you like that improvement for your dining experience?

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  4. Dose any one know how do I update the timestamps (create and modified) of notes?

    The feature seem to be missing from the new vision.  Using timestamp is very important to our works. We often start a new note and modify the creating time to an appropriate date/time so it fits some specific requirements of that note.

    Can engineers bring back the timestamp modifying feature?

  5. I am using Android version. 

    Often I found the "Color Document" has a better result for the documents or receipts I captured. However, the automatical capture for the document in my case is always "Document" even my document has very distinct color other than b/w. And not mention those "colored" documents were often identified as photos. 

    It seems that there is a lot of room for improvement here for the auto-capture mode. But I would suggest that at least to make the "Color Document" more useful as it usually produces a better result. It shouldn't be too hard to add an option in the APP settings states "Always Use Color Document for Capturing Document" when the captured object is identified as a document. 



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