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  1. I've read the discussion about 'spaces' and I don't think it will be useful for me in my situation. However I would like to have the facility to 'pin' a note to the top (or bottom) of a notebook, resistant to sorting notes within the notebook. I realise I can get close to this functionality with 'reminders' (or tags) but 'pinning' would avoid confusing real reminders with note I specifically want easy access to. While the concept is simple I understand that it might not be quite so easy to code for, but it would increase the functionality of Evernote. You could have all your cut & paste favourites in one easy to access note. All your technical fixes (or the internal links to their separate notes) for your operating system in one place. Key summary points of various notes in the notebook or quotations in one easy to access note. Tags are great but I don't want to search for them to get to something I use frequently. Pinned notes would save searches.
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