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  1. Good to hear you have a fix, but on the second part I like the new behavior assuming it is intentional. I absolutely hate that my Evernote photos end up in my gallery. In the end I just end up cleaning them out which is extra work for me. Is it possible this is a settings issue? Then both of us could be happy? That'd be great! I rec'd a reply from Evernote today saying there is no setting currently, but they are thinking about adding the function back as an option (as Maik says the iOS app has). Once I submitted a help desk ticket, they sent an email asking for my log file. I replied to that (without a log file) and got a response w/in 24 hrs. Hopefully those still having issues with the app camera can get the same prompt help.
  2. Within a week of my May 30 post, a patch must have been released and auto installed on my phone. The camera and document camera don't cause my app to crash anymore (running Evernote v and Evernote Widget v 3.1.7). BUT, the photos taken via Evernote are no longer saved to the phone's Gallery AT ALL. The only way to access photos on my phone taken via the app is through Evernote directly. This is not how the app behaved in all previous versions, and I really dislike the new behavior. Will update if I get response.
  3. Thanks gazumped. I did create a support ticket, 5 days ago. Have not heard back. My settings don't include a "use device camera" option. Settings>General>Camera options include only: Activate multi-shot, Correct orientation, video recording (greyed out), Moleskine notebook, Post-it notes
  4. Basically same issue here. Evernote app and widget worked fine on Galaxy S5. Just upgraded to S6. It actually worked for a few days the way I expected. Upon latest restart though: When select to use Evernote camera, it opens the native Samsung camera app. Settings for Evernote shots aren't available at all. If I take a photo, buttons pop up and I have to select either "Retry" or "OK". Then the app directs you to the note, and you have to select the camera to take a second photo. When select to use Evernote document camera, it opens the Evernote camera. Snap a photo and save a note just fine. If I try to slide selector from document camera to use regular (non-document) Evernote camera on that screen, get the same error as reported above (freezes then "Couldn't open the camera. Many times the only way to fix this is to reset your device"). Resets have not helped. ALSO, most frustrating for me, is that the photos taken via Evernote no longer show up in my phone's photo Gallery in the Evernote folder, or any other folder for that matter!! The only way to access them on the phone is via finding the note.
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