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  1. I've read many complaints from many people about this but so far no indication from Evernote that they're going to add it in. I'd love to stay with Evernote's web client (I use it at work on a LInux laptop), but I need those notebooks to appear along with the notes themselves on the same screen, and Evernote seems determined to get rid of that, at least for the web version. So back to OneNote I go. OneNote's web client is annoyingly slow but at least the notebooks appear along with my notes.
  2. I see that in the "Known missing features that will come later" section of your post there's nothing about allowing notebooks to show along with the notes themselves, as is the case with the current web version. I'll take that to mean it's not going to be added.
  3. According to the pinned posts the last update for the web interface was April 1. Can we please find out what the status is, mainly whether you're going to keep the new interface? Or are you going to revert back to the 3-pane view? The beta version is too frustrating for me to use and is not practical for anyone who needs to often switch between notebooks. As I continue adding data to the prod version of the web client (I have to use the web version due to linux), I keep wondering if I'm going to have to go back to OneNote so I can easily see my notebooks. I'd rather know this now instead of spending months adding data only to have to import it back into OneNote. thanks.
  4. I'm not fond of the beta UI. I've been a happy long-time OneNote user but recently switched to a Chromebook at work, and I need OneNote 2013 access for my notes, but that's a problem with Linux and the ON web version is horribly slow. I tried out Evernote and like the speed of the web interface so I transferred my notes over. I could quickly find my notes in Evernote after the transfer, and I can easily view the visual hierarchy/organization I set up.... with the OLD web version. After checking out the beta web interface I had a hard time finding where I was in my hierarchy of notes. Previously I could keep my list of notebooks open, followed by my list of notes within that notebook, very similar to OneNote's structure. The new web interface seems to put a much lower priority on note organization (why?) and more emphasis on making things look pretty. That's fine, but functionality is more important to many of us. It's very frustrating having to keep opening other menus to access a different notebook or stack. If my notes were not organized and were instead just a list of hundreds of unrelated notes, the new UI would be fabulous. Please allow the old Evernote web UI to be used in the future. I'd go back to OneNote on the web if I have to but would rather stay with EN.
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