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  1. Thanks Phils, I'm now aware of this. Unfortunately, this is a kludge and grossly inefficient to use with any level of regularity. Not everyone has a distinct wall between personal and business notes, there is a large amount of overlap with my usage and this "feature" completely killed usage for me. I've since reverted to the older version which works for now, at least until they fix their short-sighted change.
  2. Good grief, is there no way to move a note between Personal and Business notebooks anymore either? This last "improvement" completely broke our usage of what came to be a critical tool. It's currently unusable (extraordinarily cumbersome at best) for my team's day-to-day requirements.
  3. I'm in the same boat, this has greatly impacted my use of this tool. When I search for a tag it should include both Personal and Business notes which have said tag associated with it. I lean on Evernote all day every day for both business and personal use. At the very least please provide a checkbox in options to revert this undesired change.
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