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  1. Thanks Phils, I'm now aware of this. Unfortunately, this is a kludge and grossly inefficient to use with any level of regularity. Not everyone has a distinct wall between personal and business notes, there is a large amount of overlap with my usage and this "feature" completely killed usage for me. I've since reverted to the older version which works for now, at least until they fix their short-sighted change.
  2. Irritating puts it mildly, I consider its current state broke. I create a new note with a right-click of the task bar icon and it defaults to a personal notebook. Then there's no way to tell it I wanted to create it in my Business notebook. The sollution? Open the main Evernote interface, switch to Business Notes, click New Note button... yah, convenient. Efficient. Well thought-out. I'm beyond frustrated with this nonsense. They took a vital tool that was efficient and easy to use and broke it with one update and worse yet, there's no fix in site, no acknowledgement of their neglect, no direction. It's plainly obvious that the team or person responsible for making these decisions do not use the product.
  3. The new version with the forced separation of Personal and Business searches and moving of notes between the two is greatly hindering productivity. Until you get this fixed I need to revert to the old and vastly superior version. Please provide a link for download.
  4. This attempted improvement is a massive step backwards and makes Evernote far from useful and extremely cumbersome. I have a great deal of notes both Personal and Business with much overlap. I perform dozens of searches daily and instead of searching once and getting everything I need I must view Personal Notes, type in my search criteria, switch to business and retype the search criteria. Whatever decision-maker felt such a fundamental change was a good idea needs to start listening to the rest of the team - I refuse to believe the Evernote Team was part of this drastic change and nobody objected for ridiculously obvious reasons. I'm highly annoyed that a tool that I've been using for years and rely on day in and day out has been essentially broken overnight by a short-sighted change. Furthermore, how on earth are we supposed to move notes between Business and Personal notebooks now?? Before it was easy as can be, simply pick the notebook from the list. Now it's a complete mess. Please quickly revert these changes or provide an option to allow this tool to become functional once again.
  5. Good grief, is there no way to move a note between Personal and Business notebooks anymore either? This last "improvement" completely broke our usage of what came to be a critical tool. It's currently unusable (extraordinarily cumbersome at best) for my team's day-to-day requirements.
  6. I'm in the same boat, this has greatly impacted my use of this tool. When I search for a tag it should include both Personal and Business notes which have said tag associated with it. I lean on Evernote all day every day for both business and personal use. At the very least please provide a checkbox in options to revert this undesired change.
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