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  1. I have recently switched from iOS to Android and have noticed a serious inconsistency in the way that Evernote for Android deals with checkbox and lists. I often use multilevel lists with checkboxes to manage projects and to-dos in order to have lists of tasks that can gracefully handle sub-lists and still maintain the checkbox functionality to track progress. I made an example list in Evernote for Mac OSX to demonstrate: I can edit this list on iOS and save it with no problems: Evernote Web also has no problems: When I open the note in Evernote for Android, it displays the note with no problems, but editing the note causes the multilevel list and checkboxes to collapse. Saving this note also saves the collapsed form. This inconsistency means that I am unable to edit any notes with multilevel lists on my Android device without completely destroying the note. Considering how often I use this functionality, this is a serious blow to my user experience. I have not found a suitable workaround for Android, since Evernote Web isn't supported on Android browsers. If anyone else has experienced this issue and has found a solution, please let me know. Otherwise I would like this to be submitted to the developers as a bug. P
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