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  1. I really like the option to show notes in a notebook by tags. If I am able to show all notes this would be even more helpfull. Just found to see all notes.
  2. When I toggle off the formatting bar and I switch to another note I have to toggle it off again. Would be nice to keep the status until I change it. Would be nice if I could show the creation date of a note at the top of the note again. When I save a document in a note I change the creation date to the date of the document. When I have to open the information menu, it is a click more each time. Just found that there is an option "always show note editing toolbar". Turned it off. Now it works perfect.
  3. First impressions are quite nice. Just a little thing is that I don`t see the total number of my notes, only the number of notes in each notebook. Would be nice if I could see the total number of all notes again.
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