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  1. I too have encountered this immediate crash of evernote on my iPad pro, with quitting the application and reboot of the iPad not helping in any way. I have been an evernote user since very early on and must admit this is the most annoying issue that I have had since working with the platform. Any fix???
  2. Greetings... Thank you for the message, it prompted me to right (option) click on the file which gave me the option to either show in line or view as an attachment. I had not attempted that before. It would still be helpful (or perhaps not for some) to be able to do that for all attachments associated with a particular note at one time with a button... Just an idea...
  3. I manage to attach a number of related PDFs to several of my notes, either from scans, science articles, etc. Along with that it can become a little unruly to scan to the bottom of a page of a file that contains several PDFs. While one can set the preference for the entire collection to either view in note or open as a file, would it be possible to toggle this feature back and forth for individual notes? That would provide a great deal of flexibility in my work flow...
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