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  1. The calling functionality would be most relevant to android and ios, but it was a topic of another thread. As for the topic, a simple search for a string in a note should be a part of basic functionality. Ctrl+f exists in all editing software since the age of DOS, if not before that.
  2. Ctrl+f won't work on android, will it? I have already got several notes with many numbers in each. Is there any way to reformat all numbers by inserting a dash before the 3rd digit? Ie: 56246779 to become 56246-779. And, would it not be possible to ask Evernote developers to index numbers for partial search from the end?
  3. The notes in this format 02056246779 are being highlighted automatically by Evernote on android. I assume Evernote does the highlighting and not the android. However, I would like it to handle 56246779 as well. In Laos both of the numbers are the same and one can dial both with 020 prefix as well as without.
  4. Well, both name and number are fictitious. Please clarify: I'm looking for a solution regarding search for entries, not note titles. I have a note called Laos and within it entries.
  5. When I have a phone number 56246779 its not being highlighted. But if I have it with a prefix ie: 02056246779 it is being highlighted. I use Evernote android and the benefit of having highlighted numbers is that I can touch it to dial it. I would like to have a setting that would highlight any 8 digit number, or any other solution.
  6. Hello, Could you make it possible and meanwhile to suggest any temporarily solution? I use Evernote on my android tablet. I record phone numbers along names, ie: 56756547, Salina, girl I met on a trip to Laos. I would like to type "547" in the Evernote search field in order to find this entry. However, since Evernote allows only for partial string search from the beginning, the search doesn't work. Ie, I can search for 567 and it will find it,but not 547. The problem is that many phone numbers have prefixes, ie: 02056756547 or +8562056756547. Alternatively, it should be possible to make an unindexed search if the search for an end of a number cannot be implemented. Its better to find it slowly than not at all. I have seen discussions about it back in 2012. Still not implemented?
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