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  1. Create table in windows client, put picture in left and top most cell - it is resized to fit that cell and you can even drag the borders to resize cell. Go open the note in android and find that 1) the picture is covering columns to the right 2) if you trie to edit note all you see is lock symbol telling that you can not edit picture anymore. Create or edit table in android, put cursor inside cell, try to add a photo and it will be added outside right after the table. 0 <- number of f_cks given by EN about how their product works and i mean its core functions like basic note editing. there is only one moment when they care about the customers - once a year when the subscription has to be renewed.
  2. My 1c here: Why cant you add new row by just pressing enter while being right after the table? Dont try to invent wheel - take a look at basic MS Office (or comparable product) editing functions and draw some conclusions out of the observations.
  3. Another example of how priceless and valuable user feedback is. No resize feature despite all the requests. Ok, no resize - give us option to make all pictures being displayed as an icon or thumbnail of fixed size at least.
  4. Years bass by but Evernote note editor stays the same. Fust google "evernote formatting issues" and you will get the picture. Its not even the medieval - its stone age comapred to anything else which has text editing capabilities. Every single time i try to make a new note from the scratch copying text from different sources (web pages, office documents ets) i end up swearing in filthiest words i have learned through my 35+ years. You only can be satisfied with the result if you dont care about how your data is represented at all. One only way to make your note look decent is to paste content via windows Notepad so it is stripped of any formatting. Why i paste as text (Ctr+Shift+V) some text from web into the table cell inside the note i get nested table with the content being pasted distributed across its cells instead of the pure TEXT? what is the point of the function which does not do what it should?Why there is no vetical alignment for table cells possible? So after pasting you very easy end up with differently formatted cells and the result looks terrible.Why Remove formatting and Simplify formatting apply to the whole note instead of selected or latest pasted part making thos functions nearly useless?Why is there still no format painter at least?Add bugged Undo option which functions unpredictable and you can destroy your note easily to the extent where the only option will be clear all the formatting and start from the very beginning.The only one thing Evernote is relatively good for is to keep tagged pile of short notes and documents with search possibility. But dont forget that you wont be able to export and share them easily - all hail Workchat. I know that there is good old tradition to ignore user feedback in Evernote company and dont expect any changes here, just thinking about cancelling my subscription more and more often.
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