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  1. This is a good idea. I would love a keyboard shortcut that allowed me to set a reminder. Preferably it would pop up with a window that let you select the date and time of the reminder.
  2. I raised a ticket for this (#1030285) and I'm delighted to say it's been fixed now, as of Evernote for android version Enjoy your shortcuts on those homescreens. :-)
  3. I have Evernote v7.0.2 for Android and it seems that shortcuts added to the home screen work correctly so long as they don't have any exclusions in them. If a search contains an exclusion (e.g. "coffee -tag:milk" or "tea -notebook:sugar") then the search works, but a shortcut created from this search will not work. The shortcut will produce zero search results. Unfortunately this makes 90% of my search shortcuts absolutely useless, which severely limits the usefulness of Evernote for me. It's been 21 months since the OP raised this bug. This seems like a very very long time for a bug fix of this importance.
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