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  1. I'm glad to find that others are having similar problems. I had planned to become a paying user but when I moved temporarily and began using our "travelling" Mac Mini, I started having problems. I've hated to complain - it's all quite simple, I open Evernote, start a new note, it crashes, it restarts, I fill in the little crash report form, then carry on. Once restarted, it's entirely solid and I haven't yet (tough to type with my fingers crossed) lost anything. I have not had any crashes on my iOS devices at all and very few on my iMac in our other residence. This is not an unmanageable situation - just a little annoying and somewhat worrying. I am not a tech guy in any way and my son has moved to another continent so my tech support is absent. The concept of re-installing makes me a little nervous.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply, gazumped.
  3. My first post so please forgive me if this isn't the correct place. I have notes within two notebooks that do not sync. They are resident on my Mac but are not in the Evernote Web files nor, of course, on my iOS devices. Other notes do sync, other changes to existing notes sync but not these ones. In ithe information dropdown for them, it says "Sync Status Will not be synced". I tried to copy the note, make a new note and was going to just paste into it but the new one, too, says "Will not be synced" without even a title. I read other contributions here and so I emptied the trash but when it came to the Activity Log, I have to admit I haven't the tech chops to be able to read it. Is there any way to change the Sync Status on a note and is there any way, when creating a new note, to make the Sync Status "on"? And a half hour later, I have to ask if this has something to do with the notebook I created. I see that one can have a syncrhronized notebook or a local notebook. I wasn't aware of choosing one or the other but I see that the notebook in which these notes reside is shown as "local". So perhaps my question should have been, can I change the status of the entire notebook after I made that choice? Another half hour and I have to apologize - I found the box (though I can't find it again) which says that notebooks can not be changed after creation. Sorry to have bothered the group.
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