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  1. I am no expert on the design process, and I certainly cannot comment on how easy it is to develop any feature, especially one that doesn't yet exist on any Evernote client, but my sense is that Evernote is working hard to focus on features that hundreds of thousands or even millions of users will use, and to strip away menu options that do not receive as much use, because this greatly reduces the need for developers to design and maintain features across multiple clients over time, and protects the app from feature bloat. In general, I think this is a smart thing to do. Sometimes, though, this means it is difficult to convince developers of the need for a feature we want to see (in my case, I generally focus on appealing for parity across clients and not on the development of new features, and that is why it is not high on my wish list), but it is worth the effort. Perhaps, if you could state your use case and make an argument for it, then that might help developers out when they are considering whether to do it. Lack of color is the only reason I have to consider finding a product other than Evernote to use. And I am looking.
  2. Let's get a color option for notebooks done quickly. It would be a huge help for people who have a lot of folders in small spaces
  3. I add my voice to this request. Is the slow response to this a branding issue? Color- even if it was variations on your existing pallete- would be a huge help for people working with large numbers of folders in tight spaces
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