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  1. Just had the opportunity to install the windows update and yes, it sure was a long time coming, but I am satisfied with the image resizing functionality. I only tried in on some existing notes with images that were inserted into tables, and they were all sized with the correct aspect ratio. At first sight the implementation is as good as what has been available on Mac for so long.
  2. I have been waiting for this functionality for while now. I use EN on windows and android and of course sync them between. I have recently added Mac and on Mac the functionality is there and works beautifully. So the question is simply if and when EN development will bring the functionality to windows and android. I had created several notes months and years ago with multiple embedded images and as was stated by many before, due to the varying size of the images the notes were quite messy and miss sized, etc. When I first installed EN on Mac and synced my account the first thing I did was open some of those old notes and without having to do anything they formatted just as I had originally envisioned. I then synced and went back to my windows and android device to see if there had been any change and of course not the notes were still displayed with the images at full size. Bottom line EN developers have proven they understand the need, since they have implemented it for Mac. I doubt they have not implemented on Win or droid because of lack of skill, so what's the deal??
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