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  1. I tried the Webclipper beta group, but it appears deserted and nobody ever "approved" my join request. When I used the new web clipper, the highlight areas did not match up with the screen. It appears that it does not understand that the window is "zoomed", and sure enough it was OK when I set the zoom down to 100% (a.k.a. "very tiny for a high-res screen"). That is a serious problem that affects usability. I have a hard time understanding how that can even happen let alone go unnoticed before letting others try it. If it's something about my machine, I'll be happy to provide details to the developers. The UI itself: The [+][-] buttons don't take clicks, and the keyboard help has gone from "read fast and try and remember" to non-existent. Hint: the + and - keys don't do anything, even though that's what is suggested by the affordances. Has anyone looked at the Print Edit addon by DW-Dev? It works and does the same thing that we want the clipper to do.
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