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  1. @ian.pvd give up. i've been round and round on this issue in this forum. same response. Evernote and their fans apparently decided it's impossible, like unicorns.
  2. yeah, i hear you, but that's lame. this is a solved problem. As in a VERY solved problem. If Evernote were really trying to keep things simple there's plenty of useless bloat elsewhere they could focus on.
  3. @alzee ... switch to OneNote. Microsoft does it right. Evernote doesn't. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Password-protect-your-notes-e5ffd8fd-e811-441a-aa02-e13f0f445933
  4. @DTLow - Yeah, that's a workaround, but it sucks. What follows isn't a bash on you, btw, but on the product team..... If I have to go through hoops to use a product, I'm going to stop using that product. It's just that simple. Evernote wasn't the first product in this category, and they aren't the best. I don't know what Evernote's problem is, but these are basic Product Development 101 and Customer Service 101 tenets that they should have learned long long ago. there's no fundamental reason Evernote can't encrypt tables and other formatting. Free and open source code has been a
  5. The most maddening and unprofessional thing about this, is that Evernote made the change without an in situ notification that you'd lost encryption. What if that was critical business data? Or important (and safety-critical) personal information?
  6. ScottLougheed's suggestion does in fact work. But I have to agree with the original poster. That's attrocious user interface behavior. Evernote needs to restore both drag'n'drop and right click "Add to stack" back to the sidebar.
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