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  1. I thought about listing the issues with bullets, but they're already here, enumerated one by one, carefully explained in detail by other poor and unfortunately hopeful souls, in this ancient thread. None of them are fixed, by the way... I just upgraded from 5.6.x to and the bullets are no better than they were years ago. I get it - the issue is hard to fix in such a large, multi-platform, product. Given the bullets are broken across the board in the same exact way on all platforms, it's obvious this function is part of a larger framework. If the framework isn't one you created, I empathize with the difficulty in changing it. Heck, I'll even empathize with an internally-written framework to a degree. BUT... this is what you DO Evernote. You're an editor - that's the value you bring. Yes, you're in the cloud and you work across devices and that's why everyone uses you. That's why I happily pay for the monthly subscription and honestly would pay twice as much for the pleasure as it stands today! The crappy bulleted lists that absolutely won't get fixed ARE the eventual reason I'll rejoice when I leave you. You may think this is no big deal, that you have a certain gripey contingent of users, but you would be wrong. All the leaders I work with have the same chief complaint. Everyone I know uses bullets all the time - bullets are either their ENTIRE document or a substantial part of them. Evernote is NOT something people use to craft documents to other people - they use it for note taking with BULLETS! My experiences may be anecdotal and you may have data showing my use case is niche, but I'm willing to bet you haven't done that bit of usability research or you're just praying to whoever that it's not the case. There are no other flaws in the product that I ever run across, but I would rather have copious flaws elsewhere over flaws in the basics. Why? Because you interrupt the creative thought process OVER and OVER and OVER again!!! I either have to STOP formatting my list of thoughts and accept them as they are or FIGHT the tool for a few minutes. I end up spending as much time reformatting bullets (something that adds no value) as I do creating my content ($$$ THE VALUE $$$). You're like my crappy "high end" Dell Laptop (don't start Mac guys, I also own a Macbook Pro and that's a different topic) that loses it's Wifi connection every 10 minutes. Can't live without it right now but boy I sure wish I could find a way. The hell Evernote! Please fix this! Seriously!!!
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