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  1. Thanks, Dave. I'm up and running. I am on Mac OS X latest version. I occasionally have random crashes of my desktop version and difficulty logging in, but I can't blame Windows for that. Kind regards, Grant
  2. Nope. When you are correct there is nothing more to add. Thanks for your input.
  3. Unlimited and free. Sounds like an oxymoron, just like jumbo shrimp. Again, the question posed was regarding security practices of shared credentials. You can run circles around me parsing words and parts of sentences. I'm OK with that. Is it a good practice to use the same user ID and password on multiple sites and for multiple applications? Yes, I know. To each his/her own.
  4. As usual, you are correct. These financial commitments are reviewed each year for their fit, form, and features. We retain those that make sense. The premise was that a google id and password unlocks all the unlimited free offerings of Google, then shouldn't the same id and password unlock all the features of Evernote for no charge? The answer is an obvious "no." My goal is not to alienate or inflame all the gurus and shepherds here. It is simply to stimulate the pros and cons of what the relationship might do in terms of security down the road. Maybe it will be enhanced for everyone and we'll be more secure than ever. Maybe that won't be the case.
  5. I apologize for being unclear. Yes. I followed your recommendation and voted on this option before coming to the forum. Thank you for taking the time to reach out.
  6. Like I said: Many will disagree, and I'm OK with that. The price I pay for Evernote Premium is already too high. If a Google sign-on is good enough, Evernote should be free. You get what you pay for. Thankfully, it is not something we can go and vote on like I did earlier today for elections in USA. It is what it is. There are good practices, and not so good practices. We each choose.
  7. Google Cloud Platform Blog Product updates, customer stories, and tips and tricks on Google Cloud Platform Note-able news: Evernote to use Google Cloud Platform Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Posted by Brian Stevens, Vice President, Google Cloud Platform Today, Evernote announced it’s moving to Google Cloud Platform to host its productivity service used by over 200 million people to store billions of notes and attachments. Consumers and businesses using Evernote — on the web or their device of choice — will soon benefit from the security, scalability and data processing power of Google’s public cloud infrastructure.
  8. Anytime someone can reduce another sign-in it seems like a "win." But in this case, you still have to sign in, it's just with credentials and authentication that the user utilizes for Google. Dear Evernote People: This is insane! Should Google ever become compromised, so will all Evernote users who have elected to use Google credentials for Evernote, and vice versa. While on a smaller scale, this is like deciding that we should all have one username and password for every account associated with us: social, personal, financial, business, and so forth, to make the point. As you have already pointed out, it is not about product integration. This is sad. In this era of password products available to securely encrypt and store hundreds of passwords, there really is no need to know any of your passwords. Yes, I know. If someone finds out your big secret master password you are in trouble. There are numerous easy-to-read and implement books on security, passwords, and how to effectively strengthen an protect your digital life. When will you have the same service available for Apple IDs? If I had a team using Evernote to collaborate I would insist that they do not use Google credentials for their Evernote account. That puts the business at risk. Many will disagree, and I'm OK with that. The price I pay for Evernote Premium is already too high. If a Google sign-on is good enough, Evernote should be free. You get what you pay for.
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