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  1. Oh, I am glad I am not the only crazy one! Thank you for confirming the problem @samdale67. As they fix some of the shortcomings of ZOHO Notebook, it will be a contender. Part of the problem is with Firefox too, as Grammarly also misbehaves in Firefox especially when visiting NY Times.
  2. Well, you are right. As I indicated in my post it works on my desktop (most of the time) but it totally refuses to clip from NYT on my laptop. Firefox configurations are identical as they are synced. This has been going on for quite a while and I reported it more than once but there is no solution. I am looking into Notebook by ZOHO although it has some features missing.
  3. Evernote, is there no interest in answering questions like this? Is it safe to assume that you are aware of the problem and do not care?
  4. I have been trying to deal with this problem but have not yet found a solution to this. The Evernote Web Clipper add-on on Firefox refuses to clip anything from NY Times. When I write a comment, I clip it or used to clip it to Evernote but I keep getting a small window telling me that this page has to be reloaded ... Even after reloading it, the clipper never cooperates. The odd thing is that it works in Chrome and it also works in Firefox on my desktop computer. They are configured the same, Firefox synchronizes all the settings and add-ons on both computers, I have the same Internet security
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