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  1. Thanks for the advice. I checked the web view, and it shows less than 2MB used in April. The usage bar shows the 2MB in dark blue, but has 15MB and 15MB in other shades. Should have 58MB free of my 60MB/month quota, right? Could it be that as I was using up my "monthly" quota that I was wrong in thinking that my usage cycle ended on 3/31? There are 16 days in cycle, which indicates that it's a calendar cycle. Is there such a thing as tech support to escalate to?
  2. Hi all, I've checked the other threads, but can't see a recent similar item. Last month, with 2 days left, I went up to 59MB used. On day one of this cycle, I had 30MB already used. I've seen similar threads, but either they're old, or related to clients not matching the web, or suggesting that "newest" version of Evernote will fix, though. Running Evernote on PC, Android phone, Android Tab, and iPad. All show the same: 32.9MB used, 20 days left. I think I've uploaded 2MB. Color coding in web shows 15MB in lightish blue, 15 MB in darker blue, and 2MB in dark blue. How do I confirm that there's an issue, and how to have Evernote support fix; or...how to confirm that I've got an Operator Error, and learn how to avoid? Thanks! Blain
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