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  1. I originally posted about my issues with Evernote Web Clipper for Firefox here in this related thread: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83176-6015-in-firefox-not-showing-up/ and in a later post gave details on my environment (OS: Windows 7 64 bit) including a list of my FF add-ons: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/83176-6015-in-firefox-not-showing-up/?p=354249 So... I think I've got the new 6.0.26 beta EN web clipper working! Basically, I had to create a new, fresh profile in Firefox, and in that virgin profile, the first plugin I added was the 6.0.26 beta EN web clipper. It worked fine. However, I normally use a heavily customized version of FF (including, for example, the Classic Theme Restorer and Tab Mix Plus). These plugins are why I am a devoted FF user. So I added most of my plugins back in, testing the web clipper with each plugin installed. (You can see my list of plugins at the link posted above -- I reinstalled all of them except for the already-problematic HTTPS Everywhere and the FEBE backup plugin, which has also been a little cludgy.) The Web Clipper seems to be working fine (icon appears and so do context menu items), and it is indeed a much improved interface from earlier versions. So far -- no problems. I will come back and post updates if I do start encountering them. Some observations -- 1) I originally tried the opposite process of disabling (not removing) plugins one by one. Removing the Classic Theme Restorer gave me back the Evernote icon, but not the context menu items. Eventually I removed all add-ons but the EN Web Clipper, but I still didn't get the context menu items or full functionality. 2) I kept my old Firefox profile and started a new virgin one. If you don't know how to do this, there's some info here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/profile-manager-create-and-remove-firefox-profiles Doing that allowed me to log in under different profiles so I could reproduce my settings in the new profile. 3) I installed the EN Web Clipper as the first add-on. I have no idea whether that made any difference, but it worked. 4) I have been using Firefox since... well, since it was Netscape. I have occasionally done a fresh install, but it's been several versions ago. I suspect my about:config settings had all sorts of cruft in them that may have affected functioning with later Firefox updates. Since I set up this new profile, the browser actually seems to be running a lot better -- faster and less buggy.
  2. Thanks jbignert... Here are my extensions: NoScript AdblockerPlus Classic Theme Restorer ColorZilla FEBE (a FF settings backup extension) Firebug HTTPS Everywhere FlashGot LastPass MeasureIt TabMixPlus Word Count Tool Free Download Manager Plugin* (*currently disabled, but normally enabled) (Of the above, Word Count Tool is totally not important to me, but I do regularly use most of the others) Also disabled (and these are always disabled): Avast Online Security plugin (Avast normally is running on the system, but not the web protection part) Logitech Setpoint (related to smooth scrolling) Skype Click to Call Yeah, I know -- a lot of factors, but wondering if there are known issues with certain extensions. I vaguely recall having a similar problem with the last version of EN, but can't recall how I resolved it. BTW, in addition to not finding the EN button in VIEW > TOOLBARS > CUSTOMIZE, the menu entry "Web Clipper" is grayed out in TOOLS, and there are no EN clipper menu items appearing in the right-click context menu. Thanks for looking at this. LATER EDIT 4/9/15: Forgot to include: using Firefox 37.0.1. OS: Windows 7, 64bit. I didn't include Firefox "extensions" in my list above, only "add ons" (which used to be called extensions). If you feel the extension list is relevant, I will also add that.
  3. Windows 7x64 user, Firefox user. Similar, or possibly same issue. Was using the older version of the Firefox plugin (5.9.1), and although it was pretty terrible, it worked. But then I updated my main desktop version of Evernote, and my Firefox plugin stopped working... normally I clipped pages from my context menu, but those choices no longer appeared. No icon on my toolbar. Please note that this seemed to happen only after I updated Evernote -- no settings changed in Firefox. Ok, so then I figured, perhaps because the desktop EN has been updated, I need to update the Firefox plugin to 6.0.15. So I did, and also updated Firefox to the newest version (I'd been running the next to newest version). Still didn't work. Tried disabling various plugins -- especialy related to downloading (e.g. Free Download Manager, Flashgot, DownloadthemAll) because I seemed to remember that these can sometimes play badly with Evernote (or perhaps the other way around). No dice. Restarted things, Reset settings on the EN plugin. Nothing. On my Firefox > Tools menu, I see "web clipper" at the bottom, but it is grayed out. I'm really unhappy about this, since I use EN a lot, and Firefox is my preferred browser -- so much so, that I'd rather give up EN than Firefox. So, anyone have any experience with this? There was much fanfare about this release of the plugin, but it doesn't work at all for me. And as far as I can tell, what triggered everything breaking was upgrading to the newest desktop version of EN -- does that possibly change some kind of browser settings or compatibility?
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