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  1. Its amazing to me that in the past year since this post went live, and EN has been updated numerous times, that there is STILL no color options available on the Mac version. I am not a programmer/coder so I can't speak unilaterally, but as a graphic designer and web designer, I just can't understand how adding color is so difficult. No one is asking for a universal-language translator that reads Shakespeare in the original Klingon dialect. Its color for crying out loud. I don't get it. You even have color options in this forum text editor.
  2. emilyandersn@gmail.com your mock-up is just about what I had in mind as well...great work...is the Evernote dev team listening? <blows in mic> Is this thing on?
  3. As a follow-up thought...there are increasingly more apps appearing that actually look like they will support this feature as well as other features. All of which is seriously making me look elsewhere for my note taking and collection services. As much as I hate to leave Evernote, I'm just finding the lack of features and support to be more and more of an issue. Especially since I'm a paying member.
  4. I've been an Evernote user since the beginning and I can't imagine my workflow without it. HOWEVER, the lack of color options is astonishing. Color is the basic methodology for people to I.D. something quickly, regardless of language. Please bring back or introduce some color tagging/coding options for Notes or Notebooks. When you have a lot of notes/folders, it would be alot easier to find what I'm looking for by sight of color.
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