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  1. How does one remove a tag from the previously used tags when clipping a website in the app. In the earlier version (I am on 10.6) no previously saved tags appeared. Now it's impossible to remove previously used tags when creating a new clip and the only option I have found as a workable solution, is to go ahead and create the clip then go into the web based version and delete the irrelevant ones. Its very clumsy and time-consuming.
  2. Thanks for coming back to me, much appreciated. Unfortunately there are no hidden buttons on my browser toolbar, so am still stuck. I know Evernote is installed as I can right click and clip a page to Evernote. Any further suggestions would be welcome.
  3. This happened to me too. I reinstalled the web clipper and it now works again but the elephant icon has disappeared from my browser toolbar. Any ideas as to how I get this back?
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