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  1. I initially tried where I still had issues so gone back to and so far...touch wood not having any problems and have entered and tagged probably 100 tasks. Hope this helps
  2. Ok. So I just managed to download the previous version and now have it installed. Hopefully this will cure the issue... Uninstall Evernote Shut down Download previous version from filehippo http://filehippo.com/download_evernote/ Then re-install If I have any crashing issues I will report back.
  3. Graham - I heard that re installing a previous version could be an answer but same here I have no idea how to do that! I have emailed Evernote customer service but the response time and quality is poor! Will let you know if I manage to sort this, would appreciate if you get this resolved in knowing the solution. Thanks
  4. I installed version about a week ago and have nothing but problems. Every time I go into Evernote to tag my notes the system freezes and says not responding on the top bar, the only way for this to change is to close the program and restart, this didn't ever happen prior to the new software install and is beginning to frustrate me to the point of uninstalling and unsubscribing. Does anyone have and ideas on this...really don't want to lose Evernote but its leaving me with no option! Thanks .
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