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  1. Touche. If my reckless use of the word Everyone hurt your feelings, I'm sorry. Perhaps I just can't imagine how anyone would like the new view, thereby creating a biased perspective. Regardless, it's bad... very bad... to everyone that matters.
  2. So BAD!!!! I started using Apple Notes app a lot due to ease of use (opening immediately, etc) for quick notes/updates. But I still love Evernote for its organizational capability, which I use for more important long term content that I want to remember. That means I do not have to log into Evernote as much anymore. Imagine my surprise to have this current notebook layout view. They did this before but still allowed you to revert back to original view. I expected they would learn a lesson when everyone opted for the old view, but now that option seems to have disappeared and the new view permanent. So unfortunate. [I guess reverting back to the old version was so hidden and unadvertised that many people never knew. And Evernote made a business decision based on faulty data.]
  3. I do not like this view... it looks elementary. Not being able to see all of my notebooks at once is frustrating. I certainly wouldn't call it "advanced" nor nave it as a default view. I tried training a colleague on Evernote recently who was using a PC, and that is what her view looked like, and it was very frustrating trying to explain things to her... she hated it when she saw the way mine looked. BUT if I was able to uncheck that view and go back to the other view, perhaps that is a possibility on a PC as well... I just figured that was the way Evernote looked on a PC. I'll check on that. On another note, I would recommend bringing back the shaded stacks... it can be difficult to see all of my stacks at times because they are the same color as my notebooks. If I've just been missing that option, then my apologies for bringing it up.. but they were shaded at one time and now they aren't; I don't know where to change that.
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