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  1. Touche. If my reckless use of the word Everyone hurt your feelings, I'm sorry. Perhaps I just can't imagine how anyone would like the new view, thereby creating a biased perspective. Regardless, it's bad... very bad... to everyone that matters.
  2. So BAD!!!! I started using Apple Notes app a lot due to ease of use (opening immediately, etc) for quick notes/updates. But I still love Evernote for its organizational capability, which I use for more important long term content that I want to remember. That means I do not have to log into Evernote as much anymore. Imagine my surprise to have this current notebook layout view. They did this before but still allowed you to revert back to original view. I expected they would learn a lesson when everyone opted for the old view, but now that option seems to have disappeared and the new view permanent. So unfortunate. [I guess reverting back to the old version was so hidden and unadvertised that many people never knew. And Evernote made a business decision based on faulty data.]
  3. So I've been cleaning up my account (merging notes and minimizing notebooks) to kind of bandaid my situation for now, and I had a thought... There sure are a lot of folks in this forum who like to emphasize how much better tags are than notebooks. What's going to happen when you all run out of notes? You realize they only give you 100,000 right? I swear I'm not trying to be argumentative here; I simply feel this is a reasonable question on the matter. And please don't give me the, "that will never happen in my lifetime" response... that's not an adequate response. I ask you all to seriously consider my question. If need be, imagine if the note limit was only 1,000 (one thousand), which is just as arbitrary as 100,000. What would you do if you hit the limit? I read one response where someone writes articles for different magazines or something and they have a lot of notes that are tagged. What is that person going to do if he/she ever receives a response of being at their limit? I believe this to be a very serious issue when Evernote advertises "remember everything," "unlimited storage," "never worrying about space"... because having a limit on either notebooks or notes (or tags for that matter) is a contradiction of what they claim to offer. I love Evernote. I think it's a brilliant app/program. If they were a start up company, I would completely understand. But this is a silly issue for such a large company now. I really feel, now that they have the foothold that they do in the market, they could either open this up to truly be unlimited or provide a explanation of why they have a limit for ANYTHING on something for which they charge; especially without the option to pay for unlimited. A response of "it is what it is; you'll just have to adapt" is simply a cop-out and does not suffice.
  4. I appreciate the responses. You ask why I didn't research the limits ahead of time... My answer: because I was taught by someone else to use this for my business; and this person is an Ambassador for Evernote! [don't worry, I've made my frustration known to that person] But to piggy back that... I just got on Evernote's website to search for those limits, mainly to see how deep I would have to go to find it... All over the website, on every page that anyone would browse when entertaining the idea of downloading the app, it states how it will do anything your business or life requires.. one workspace no what form your writing takes. When you explore all of Premium's features, it specifically states "Unlimit yourself... keep all work related files together without ever worrying about space." Even in the comparison after you click learn more about Premium, in all CAPS it says UNLIMITED! That's it; that's all it states. There is no prominent tab directing you (or suggesting that you look into) a chart informing you about limits. Not until one browses the "support" page or "Blog," is there anything this limit. And people don't typically think they have to go to support to learn about such an important "heads up." Furthermore, the mere existence of Notes and Notebooks implies that's how Evernote intends for you to use their product. Then they came out with Stacks, further steering someone to use that particular organizational structure. If they intended us to use tags to such an extent, the tags would have a much larger presence in the main display of your files when you open Evernote... at least to me, that makes more sense. If someone from Evernote would simply say that to allow for more notebooks would take up too much space on their servers, I would say fair enough; just tell me how much more money you need... but then I would question the advertisement of something being UNLIMITED without any asterisks. But for a company to have 51million users, one would think they could accompany everyone better.
  5. I see this topic was created a long time ago, but I was just hit the notebook limit myself and am furious. I read everyone's comments on how tags are the same thing, yada yada, but by definition they are NOT. I am a real estate agent and have a notebook for each of my clients. The notes within their notebooks follow I system which I created. I have my client notebooks in stacks (Acitve, Pending, Sold, and a few other stacks depending on how far out that client is from doing anything). When I open my Evernote, I see all of my stacks... I expand them to see my clients from birds eye view so to speak. It's very organized and efficient. I share my notebooks with my clients as well so they can see the process in real time and contribute if they wish. It took my business to a new level when I began offering this innovative service. Sure I could have those stacks as simply notebooks with a whole bunch of notes with tags for each client. But that would be like going back in time to when I had physical files and racks sitting on my desk and a bunch of paper scattered around with no organization to it whatsoever. As a Realtor, I multi-task and deal with emotions for a living. Opening a notebook and seeing 10000 notes would be senseless at best. FAIL!!!!!!
  6. I do not like this view... it looks elementary. Not being able to see all of my notebooks at once is frustrating. I certainly wouldn't call it "advanced" nor nave it as a default view. I tried training a colleague on Evernote recently who was using a PC, and that is what her view looked like, and it was very frustrating trying to explain things to her... she hated it when she saw the way mine looked. BUT if I was able to uncheck that view and go back to the other view, perhaps that is a possibility on a PC as well... I just figured that was the way Evernote looked on a PC. I'll check on that. On another note, I would recommend bringing back the shaded stacks... it can be difficult to see all of my stacks at times because they are the same color as my notebooks. If I've just been missing that option, then my apologies for bringing it up.. but they were shaded at one time and now they aren't; I don't know where to change that.
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