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  1. Not sure why this is not already part of the app, but would be great to trigger Scannable picture with Iphone volume up/down buttons, when manual picture taking is enabled. Just like taking normal picture with the iphone.
  2. I agree, please let us know if we can downgrade to the older version.
  3. Basically the longer links will work but are really long and messy especially in tight spaces. I know I can shorten them my using display text, but this is just that much more cumbersome and they don't always copy/paste well.
  4. I am trying to post a reponse here but I keep getting this error message when I click 'Post' Sorry, an error has occurred. Your post contains suspected spam.
  5. i just updated my skitch to Version 2.7.7 (263991) and I don't see the option for sharing short URL's any more. This is my most often used feature aside from screen shots, so would like to figure out if I am missing something, or if it can be brought back if it was.
  6. Often, especially on a low contrast background, the page is auto-detected *almost* right, so you have to adjust a bit, and it would be more convient to just drag an edge parallel (from the midpoint), so the corner angles are preserved. Also results in one drag as opposed to two to get one edge moved into the right place.
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