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  1. Fair enough on the free support thing but maybe I was doing it wrong but I wasn't able to submit a bug report ticket on the site, I would have thought that it'd be in EN's interest to have bugs submitted from both free and paid users.
  2. Ha JMichael I just realised it was you who wrote the second doc! Thanks for your help.
  3. Funnily enough I don't think the problem exists on the other mac I use so pretty sure it is the Mac app. Think I've finally figured out the solution - was as above - the hard uninstall. Already tried a reinstall (the aforementioned "soft uninstall") before - dragging the app to the trash - just repeated it to make sure and it's not working. My other version was from the app store and this time I've tried it with the direct download app as well. Just used AppDelete to get rid of the database and everything on the computer. I've not got any unsynced or offline stuff so I didn't need to export any files to back it up. There's a bit more info here about uninstalling and a further link here to delete the database. If you're confident about faffing around in the App Support directory then just navigate to User->Application Support-> com.evernote.Evernote and just trash it all. Reinstall, sign in and download again. Mine's just syncing now so maybe that's interfering with the upload limit signal. If there's a repeat I'll post something here but otherwise that looks like it's done the job.
  4. Hey JMichael thanks for the reply. Emptied the trash on both, done a manual sync (from the toolbar) and the menu, signed out + signed in, signed out + restarted, still no change. Monthly usage is 43.8MB in both web and desktop clients. I can add stuff to the web and mobile versions but not the Mac client. This has happened a couple of times before - specifically towards the end of the monthly quota when it got to above 40MB.
  5. My Mac client is telling me I'm over the limit when I'm sure I'm not. Following some suggestions here, I've tried emptying the trash on the Mac client, I've done a restart of the machine multiple times and of course the client, I've done a soft uninstall and I've checked the figure on the web version which is 20MB under the limit. I've even added the note I wanted to on the web version and was able to sync it back down to the Mac version. I was a premium user but switched over to another system so only use about 30-40MB monthly for Evernote. No more money = no more support from Evernote. Thanks guys. Any ideas anybody? Does it only remain for me to dig out the hard uninstall info on the system and once again sync everything back to the computer? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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