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  1. I've just found this and have installed the Service. It works fine except for one thing: any formatting in the original email is lost from the Evernote so the end result is plain text. Is there any way of overcoming this (or have I missed something)? Incidentally, I get the same result if I use a Rule to forward emails from known senders (e.g. Amazon). The same thing happens if I try to forward to Instapaper or Pocket. It's fine if I forward emails manually to any of the three services. I know this is an Evernote forum but any experience that anybody has had might be useful.
  2. I was getting this problem on every page I tried to clip. The workaround of clicking twice seemed to work. However , on the advice of Evernote Support, I deleted and reinstalled the clipper extension. That seems to have solved the problem.
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