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  1. I find webclipper a very useful tool but having to login to it every time I launch firefox is PITA. I have last pass but unfortunately I can use it for logging into webclipper because the login screen is a popup­. Memorizing the login info is not useful because I use high security passwords generated by last pass. I can`t see a useful purpose for requiring a login for webclipper in the first place so I am hoping that EN may reconsider this inconvenient login feature.
  2. I have been following this topic with interest. I'm new here and also new to EN. I was having the same renaming problem. Renaming doesn't work exactly as it does in Windows, After right clicking and choosing "Rename" you must hit "Enter" on your keyboard for the new name to stick. In Windows 7 the folder rename function usually sticks by just left clicking anywhere outside of name field once you have typed the new folder name. So to recap... In EN you must hit ENTER on the KEYBOARD after typing the new note or new stack name. New name will not stick with just a mouse click.
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