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  1. Also, I don't use Evernote on iPhone. I only use it on the ipad
  2. I would use handwriting when -sketching out a diagram in chemistry -I would want an eraser so I don't have to tap to delete like when editing annotations. Tap to delete just gets annoying. -I want handwritten notes to available to insert and edit on all platforms to remain consistent.
  3. I know that Penultimate is free. I just want to combine text and drawings in the same document without switching to another application, syncing, and then switching back. The 60 MB upload limit is too small for me, and I want the ability to share with other cloud services would be nice.
  4. To whoever is reading this post: I am a student using an iPad without a premium account in school and I and many others want in Evernote: 1. Drawing mode Since I am a student, drawing is essential to my everyday note taking. I do not want to open a blank PDF just to solve math equations. Many people would agree with me on that they would also like drawing in Evernote, just like in the Android version. 2. Larger upload limits per month I upload about 20-30 scans per month, and my monthly upload size does not fit the constraints of the 60 MB limit. At least 1 GB would be fine. 3. Upload to other services Some of my teachers require that I post my PDFs to Google Drive. I know that other applications such as notability have this feature, so why can't Evernote have it? That is all I have to say. Thank you for reading.
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