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  1. I use Notability, which has text insertion right into the note, drawings, right alongside text (whereas in Evernote it places sketches below the text) and web clips. But, there are no tags, no Today widget, no automatic shape setection, and no iCloud drive support.
  2. I also agree. Notability can do this, so why can't Evernote? Is it because Evernote wants people to use use Work Chat? No onee uses Work Chat.
  3. Hey Evernote, can you please add the ability to quickly create a sketch note from the notification center and the ability to customize what links we see in the notification center? That wouldmbe awesome. Cheers, Jared
  4. I would like Evernote include features from Notability (https://appsto.re/us/6HJFv.i) such as uploading to cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Another feature I would want from Notability in Evernote is automatic Palm Rejection, so I could rest my hand on my ipad while drawing. Cheers, Jared
  5. Hi Chuck, Can you please add a zoom box and the ability to export text notes (and images and sketches) to cloud services suck as google drive, icould drive and dropbox, just like in Penultimate? This would speed up my workflow immensely. Cheers Jared
  6. Are the times for the video call in PST or EST? I am wondering this because I am in New York.
  7. I don't get why Evernote can't incorportate this into their app. All they have to do is copy and paste the code from Android to iOS.
  8. Why does evernote not have the ability to handwrite in the iOS version. I don't want to use Penultimate because I don't want to have two copies of my notes in two different applications. I know you can attach a picture of a white piece of paper but that is too cumbersome. Handwriting is available in the Android version, so why not bring it over to iOS. Many user have wanted it and handwriting is an essential part of note taking for me.
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