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  1. That sounds great, do you have a blogpost or something where they introduced this update to the windows client, @jefito? Would be interesting to read what they said there.
  2. No this is currently not possible. There are several feature requests for this feature. But don't expect this to happen soon, these feature requests are already there for quite a while.
  3. Quite a lot of Laptops made for mobility do only have 128GB or 256GB of SSD Storage. Having programs other than Evernote fills the disk up and on these devices it would be very convenient to be able to sync only specific notebooks for offline usage. Having your Evernote Database size, only the Evernote App would take 10% of the available disk space (on a 128GB SSD). So what I ask for is the same behavior you can do with the iOS App (i would guess also the Android App). Sync only specified Notebooks offline. I totally understand drawbacks in search and so on, but I would be fine with having the "enhanced search" in attachments and so on only in offline notebooks.
  4. In 2013 it was considered a more and more important feature: Now it's 2015... Is the situation still the same? Any news on this issue? The databases of recent laptops are not growing in capacity as everybody relies on nice and fast SSD's. I see my Evernote App growing, and do not want to fallback to using the web on computers with a smaller Disk. best
  5. Would be great to have OCR for every image based pdf! Works great for Post-it and I would love to image pdf's OCR'ed the same way.
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