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  1. Hello, two questions please 1- how to add values in a table on columns or lines? 2- what is the "bloc code"? I do not find any information on that. Are some examples? Thank you and have a nice day
  2. OK and thank you. But this is not good at all: I understand Evernote doesn't edit Office files. It opens Android Office to edit a file, but I would at least to see my file!!! Which is not the case. As far as uninstall/install is concerned... this is the second time that this is recommended to me : do you imagine the work to do? Thanks for all, Evernote is not supported under Android.
  3. Hi, not very happy about this answer: Neither Android nor Evernote can open a Word document for editing - you need to have additional software on your phone to handle the process, hence presumably Android Office starting up.I do not want Evernote editing my file: Android Office is doing it.Android does not store files on your mobile device - there's too little space on many devices to hold much information. Files are downloaded over wifi or data connections.OK for non editing: Evernote is proposing "read" or "update". Even in "read" Evernote is not reading it!Once file is downloaded you need to get it into Android Office somehow - which may explain the list of files opening up.But I am in Android Office, proposed by Evernote!!!When you have edited the Word file it won;t be possible to save it back directly into the original note. It has become a new separate file. You'd need to attach or send it to the note in addition to the existing file - so a new file name showing a version or date would be required.OK, as I told you even in "read" mode it doesnot show the fileI consider you should correct and say that you cannot manage Office files or at least show file in read without updating possibility. What is sure is that showing files which have nothing to see there is a very important bug! You do not have any reason to show them. regards
  4. Hello, I am using Evernote in 3 envitonments with the synchronisation: 1) Computer (Windows 8.1) : where usually I create and update the files, without any trouble 2) Ios, iPad without any trouble 3) Android (LG G3, with the standard android) and here I got trouble: trying to access a Word file (created in above §1) -Evernote is asking to know if such file is in update or read mode -Android Office is starting -But then my word file is not open but a list of files from where I drag/drop this file from §1) is appearing -unfortunately not the one I am trying to access. The same trouble is appearing with an access file. What is such problem and is there a way to correct? Thank yous
  5. Hi and thanks, but... I tryed what you said: duplicating, changing the name and reducing to 3 small lines: result is still the same : a "blank" note!! May I send my (very small) note to somebody to make a test PC/Android??? Thanks
  6. I usually use Evernote on PC (Windows 8) iPad (Ios) and LG G3 (android) with synchronization. My concern is with the updating of certain notes: If I have no PC or iPad problem, I have the following problem on Android: when I want to correct / update a specific note, nothingt appear (note as blank) and the insertion point is at the beginning! While the same update on same note on PC or iPad ok. For lot of other Anbdroid notes it is ok. Can anyone help me? Thank you and good day.
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