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  1. I was talking about Evernote using a proper feature request voting service such as Uservoice, not just upvoting feature request threads at this forum. Many cloud services use them. For example Microsoft for their Azure cloud: http://feedback.azure.com/. I see those as a proper way of listening to customers. And relaying information to voters if some of their feature requests are put to development or released in the latest version (if you voted, you get a status email). Back to topic: I'd like to hear from Evernote representative if they are even planning on creating multiple account support for Evernote mobile apps?
  2. Switching accounts on Evernote Mobile should be implemented. I know my colleagues, customers and people in general have been requesting it. It really is an annoyance that you offer it in desktop but not in mobile. Although I'm happy it is at least in desktop, but it really ties me down to office or home computer, and at times does not make Evernote available when I need it quickly. Logging in and out is not a solution, as most of our company account passwords are long and cryptic. Note sharing is not an option, as I cannot share and mix company and personal accounts. I can use my personal, hobby and company accounts in my mobile phone with Google, Microsoft and other services. Why not with Evernote service? Security is not a valid argument here. I can share plenty of other company data securely to my mobile phone from other services. So what's the problem here? I tried to find how to vote for this feature request, but could not. Why? That would be the only true way to find out how much this feature is needed. Is Evernote trying to hide popular feature requests behind this massive support forum? It would have been interesting to also see what other features are much requested. And what features are possibly coming to future versions. Is this info available somewhere? EDIT: I googled around and found out that the only way to check active feature requests seems to search for "feature request" from this forum and compare Views and Replies count. Not very user friendly, but gives you some info: https://discussion.evernote.com/tags/forums/feature%2Brequest/.
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