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  1. This only helps if I'm reading live and can take the entire thread at once. This generally isn't the case, and I only spend a few minutes at a time, and lose my place. I would like a solution to enable me to read the forum off of a saved Evernote. Enables me to be more productive when looking at forum posts, and allows me to search within my own Evernote.
  2. So I have a few forum threads that span out over several pages (to be specific, they are on the World of Warcraft forum).. I have one that goes for 17 pages. I try to use the web clipper, but it fails and states that there is a 200mb size limit on notes. I'm assuming that the background image is what's causing so much data to be eaten up. I try to use "Simplified Article" but this just makes a mess of text that has no breaks or identifiers between posts. I would like to use Evernote to read these forum threads, as you can place notes, make markings, and bookmark your most recent read post
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