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  1. Great ideas, thanks y'all. Right now I'm just using evernote for receipt tracking, but I anticipate using it for other things in the future, so adding V to the vendor tags so they don't get mixed up with non-vendor tags is good thinkin.
  2. Yes, Csihlling, that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to set up my receipt filing system and it's all based on using hashtags for different vendors. I want to avoid having to type the vendor into the note title AND the hashtag. Sounds like using Windows desktop (and my ipad) is the best option for this. I remember using that once a long time ago and having some syncing issues, but hopefully that bug has been worked out. Thanks for the screenshot, Frank - beta certainly looks different! I'll have to check it out.
  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate all the responses. I can see now that if I switch to "list" view, I can see the tags associated with each note in the list. Wish this was available in "snippet" view (see screenshot), but oh well. I can't tell if I'm using beta version or not...how can I tell? I just created the account a week or two ago.
  4. Thank you, that is helpful. I haven't downloaded the desktop client so I will do that now and see if the tags show up there.
  5. Hi, does anyone know how to make tags show up in the snippets (note previews) that show up on the right side of the screen? I'm able to see them on my ipad, but when I use evernote web in my browser, the tags do not show up. This means I have to click on each individual note to see the associated tag. Any ideas?
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