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  1. Just popping in here - and first joining the forum community - to agree with the need to password-protect or encrypt whole notebooks, and also to suggest one work-around to my fellow frustrated users. The greatest issue I've faced is at work. I use Evernote for work stuff, but am afraid of someone pulling up my journal and other private info, which could easily be done by accident by someone who is unfamiliar with EN. This has restricted my full use of EN at work - yet it's crucial to EN's long-term viability to be inclusive of all, or at least most, spheres of my life. As a simple work-around, I just merged all the old entries in my journal into a single note, and encrypted it all together. This was a little harder than I thought it would be - I had to eliminate images and, surprisingly, lists with checkboxes, in order to encrypt everything. That wasn't a huge loss, since I had only a few images, and checkboxes aren't exactly a critical feature. However, this work-around wouldn't fly for stuff that really needs to remain in separate notes.
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