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  1. Also, it would be great if there was and option to lock notebook/stack tree (not notes themselves) on the left side of the Windows App so they cannot be moved or deleted (unless the tree is deliberately unlocked) - sometimes I move notebooks by accident while trying to use scroll down/up and it is frustrating to discover your whole notebook was moved by misclick; and when I am reading a note and later click Delete to remove it I sometimes discover I actually wasn't highlighting the note on the right side, but rather some notebook on the left side, which was just deleted.
  2. I cannot agree more. I am Premium user (for both personal and business uses) and would like to use the tool I signed up for and it is NOT a collaboration tool, but note taking and archiving app - pls add a feature which turns off Work Chat and any related stuff. Like e.g. Share function which directly uses work chat without even clearly stating this... - I sometimes want to share something by email, but by email only, share with non-Evernote users without harassing them to sign up for Evernote (if I want to do this I can recommend EN in normal conversation which I actually used to do... ). A couple of times I sent (by mistake) something by workchat to non-Evernote users instead of e-mail and it was very frustrating, both for me and the messages' recipients. And by turning off work chat and related stuff I mean making it disappear completely except for small checkbox (hidden somewhere deep in menus) turning it back on should I ever change my mind... You have great app and potentially business model - do not mess it up please...
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