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  1. Thank you. Will try be patient. Will also look into the chat. Thanks for the response.
  2. Ran the same test on a Windows & Android device with Evernote. Exactly the same result. Conflict notes created which is correct. The question remains, why is a note reverted by +-2 weeks to am older version. I have had this occur more than once across several different notes. Can Evernote Support please respond
  3. I have attempted to recreate the problem by updating the same note on 2 seperate devices & saving, but this creates a note conflict which is great. I then tried to take one device offline and leave the other online. Once again I updated the same note on each device. This too created a note conflict. I did this on 2 Android devices. I will try again on an Android & Windows device to see the result It appears that in some situations a note is returned from several days before overwriting the current version. The original note I mentioned in my original posting reverted to 2 weeks earlier overwriting my latest note. No nor conflict is created.
  4. I have been using Evernote for about 3 years and am a Premium member. I use Evernote on my Laptop running Windows 7, my Samsung Galaxy Notepro 12.2 (Android 4.4.2) & Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Lollipop 5) And love the product. My problem is that I have noticed that my latest notes are regularly overwritten with older versions. Inside my notes I record a date per entry in each note allowing me to track my notes easily. When I suspect notes are not current, I go into the History of my notes and check the older notes, I find my previous notes and have to recover them. This is a problem as I have to constantly check to ensure I have the latest version. My notes are critical as I use them to track business activity across multiple customer accounts. I have supplied a copy of a screen capture showing a note experiencing this problem. I have logged this with Evernote Support on the 16th March initially - noooo response. I followed up with a mail on the 19th March asking for someone to respond - NO Reply. Today is the 22nd n still noooo response. I even tried sending a mail today to the Sales department asking them to get someone in support to respond. Who do I need to speak to to get support ?
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