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  1. Hey Indiana June, Thanks for checking out and testing our website! You are right: something went wrong while fetching the images from your notes. Our book editor should obviously do this automatically. I've just fixed it and rebuild your book! The images do show now. You should have received a notification by email. In case you are asking why some images aren't printed full column width: the resolution is too low for that. Images are printed as big as possible without looking pixelated or blurry in print Let me know if you have more tips or ideas! Maarten
  2. Hi gazumped, Thanks for your reply. Our tool can certainly do more than just select a range of posts and print them. Here are some features that I will write down so that 'potential' testers who have the same first impression learn about it as well: Drag and drop items in the order you want them in your book Obviously: edit your items Create chapter pages Add more Evernote notebooks in one book. Create new text or quote items or add full page width images to your book You can control the page breaks of posts on an indivual level, so don't worry about that Customize the book cover 12+ book themes Last, we're obviously for a paperless world in general as well. But with progress always comes revaluation of 'the old'. While the world gets rid of needless paperstuff, the book as a physical product gets a new symbolic value of preservation in an environment of brief digital impressions. Merging your own personal digital content with such a symbol has a serious amount of value for people that one can't achieve with a paperless 'app' (that is, obviously, only in this respect)
  3. Hi, Our website http://www.intorealpages.com can turn blogs into real printed books. A week ago I also added support for Evernote, so you guys can take your Evernote content and create a book with it. Because the Evernote platform is used differently than 'normal' blogging platforms, it would be great if you could take our Book Editor for a spin and give some insights on how you use Evernote and how our service can be improved so that it becomes a truly valuable extension for you. In the past year we improved our service and added new features to our Book Editor as the result of an on going discussion with our users. We know the needs of our current users pretty well, but Evernoters are a new breed to us and as said, we'd like to discuss our app with them and use their feedback to make it better. What kind of books do you want to be able to create? What features should be added? You run into bugs? Etc. Information for testers Our website is already up and running, so you can just go to http://www.intorealpages.com, create an account (just a quick 2 field form) and create a new book project. If you want to communicate your 'test results' back to us, send us a mail at info@intorealpages.com . I'll be the one you're going to communicating with and I'll also do all bug fixes. I'll get back to you always within 48 hours, but most of the time within 24 hours. I'll fix bugs right away and update you when done. After +/- 5 of you guys have tested our website, we'll probably have enough info to create an improvement list. Now it's showtime for me and I'll create and release a new version of our editor. I'll update you guys when I'm done. I don't know if this is too commercial (if so, Evernote crew, please remove this list item), but all testers get 20% discount if they want us to print their book and if you just want the PDF file of your book, we'll send it to you for free Looking forward to your feedback! Regards, Maarten intorealpages.com
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