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  1. I'm another long-time user of Evernote that is absolutely done with using EN as my main collector & processor of notes ... moved to Notion.so a few weeks and quickly became premium user. Getting more done now than I ever had with EN. I found myself avoiding EN since it hangs up so bad and search is so slow. Organizing notes is extremely limited and jumping ship of the exec team recently was enough to make the move.
  2. @CalS Wow, changing my sync settings to match yours fixed it. It now instantly updates. Thanks a bunch!! PROBLEM SOLVED
  3. @Dave-in-Decatur Thanks for additional information. I like to take notes on physical paper. Will FineReader read my handwritten notes and convert them to digital text?
  4. Using EN Windows I've attached a screenshot and notice the notebook count in the left view panel is (2) but the number of notes in the right view list of notes is (3) and the pulled up note has "Next Actions" as the notebook, not "Inbox". But when I click on another notebook it updates but it used to update automatically when I moved the note to another notebook. So my work-around is to click on another notebook (anyone will do) besides "Inbox" and everything updates. This has never happened in the past but recently I did some tweaking with the Syncing and Search options and did a complete database re-index. But I don't think that should have changed things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. UPDATE: Spoke with ABBYY Flexicapture director of sales and you are correct. It is VERY restrictive of what the software can convert. The handwriting must be in a structured form with blocks for each letter and the software "learns" the handwriting or guesses the letters written and converts them to digital text. The starting price of the software is $4,000 which is 10x the price of ABBYY Finereader. He said that if you have a page of handwritten notes, the software will not work at all - it would come out jumbled. I can now rest my search for the "magical" software that converts handwritten notes. Thanks DTLow for the info and heads-up. I do appreciate this forum. I will scan my handwritten notes into Evernote and use the search feature as mentioned a million times by others ?
  6. Thanks DTLow, will give this a try. I hope this is not ABBYY Finereader as I just downloaded it yesterday and ZIPPED it was 1.5G and unzipped 3.4G with over 4,000 installations files. Literally took over 3 hours to install and NEVER figured out how to use the software. It was industrial software for programmers, IT geeks only. So I uninstalled the entire thing. But this looks completely different is called FlexiCapture which is different than FineReader. Will post results ... soon.
  7. There is still no software on the market that take handwritten notes on old-fashioned paper and convert them to digital texts. That technology still does not exist. Yes you can write with an electronic stylus with an app and it will easily convert to text. Also you can scan handwritten notes and Evernote will search the legible text but that is about it. If anyone knows of software that actually works to convert handwritten notes on paper to digital text, I'd be interested to check it out. Thanks
  8. Major and I mean major delays of new EN update. Most delays give the dreaded "not responding" message. How can Evernote release an update with this many bugs and crashes. An update implies that the software is getting better but instead it goes the opposite direction of worse.
  9. Aha, it only works to display reminders in Snippet or Card view. Top List and Side List views do not display reminders. Thanks keisoko for the helpful tip. That answered my question perfectly.
  10. I have a question about how Reminders are displayed in the new release. They used to appear at the top of list in a separate box from the other notes. Is that function still available? I do see that you can now sort reminders by three different parameters which is very nice and a great added feature. I'm at a lost on where the separated out reminder section went to. Any help from anyone would be appreciated.
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