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  1. Ooo - I just found a better example! I usually mark todo items with a check box and tag them with an estimated time to complete (5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60). If you added sort by to save searches you could specify the order to sort the tags. Something like this: todo:false sortbytag:@work,@home sortbytag:5,10,15,30,45,60 Something like sorting data in excel, where you can specify the first level sort and a second (or third or more) levels of sort. With the sort above all notes would sort into @work and @home, and then within those groups, it would sort by the time tag. Notes without corresp
  2. I have many saved searches, but as it is I have to have duplicate searches for different contexts when a simple sort operator would fix this problem. Here's an example. Here is the search for work items to do that might take 5 minutes: todo:false tag:5 tage:@work -tag:sd Here is the search for home items to do that might take 5 minutes: todo:false tag:5 tag:@home -tag:sd If I could just sort the search by a tag, something like: sortbytag:@ then I would eliminate the need to have separate searches for different contexts (home/work/project etc). Evernote PLEASE do add this to saved sear
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